How To Access iTunes Files in Windows

IOS devices are the most used consumer devices across the globe. Connecting your IOS devices to your window devices are very easy, all you need is the synchronization between the two. There are many ways to transfer files between iPhone and PC like syncing via iTunes, manual transfer using window autoplay or by using third party software. From the mentioned ways syncing is the easiest way to transfer files because it can transfer all type of contents at once and keeps both devices up to date. ITunes library is the database that you iTunes use to organize your media. It contains all the music files and other content which you have added to iTunes. I tunes uses iTunes media library to organize media and store them in iTunes media library.

How To Access iTunes Music Files IN Your Windows PC

iTunes media library track the media you add in iTunes and organise them accordingly. By default, these files are located in your folder and to search your folder you have to perform a search query.

Mac: Go to your setting choose GO>Home>Music>iTunes and here you are.

Window: For window 7 version or alter version open C:/user/username/mymusic/itunes/

ITunes does not support window vista and XP.

Access your itunes file on Window PC

The easiest way to transfer data from your IOS devices to window devices is to set up automatic sync between your IOS devices and window devices.  This will make sure the file transfer to your computer without having trouble. This will also allow your window device files on your ipad or iphone.  Let’s have look how it works.

Transfer Iphone and ipad files to window 10 computer using file explorer:

  1. Install itunes to your computer, this ensure communication between your computer and iphone or ipad
  2. Connect your IOS device to USB cable.
  3. Start window explorer from start menu, the button looks like a yellow folder. Use shortcut keys. Window key + E on your keyboard if needed.
  4. Click the arrow located near this PC located on the left of the window.
  5. Click the name iphone in the PC sub menu.
  6. Double click the internal storage option.
  7. Double click the DCIM folder.
  8. Double click the folder which contains all images.
  9. Click on any image. Select multiple images by holding ctrl button you can also use shortcut ctrl+ A to select all photos together.
  10. Click copy.
  11. Click choose location option form menu to select a location.
  12. Click the folder where you like to transfer the files.
  13. Click copy option.

Transfer Iphone and ipad files to window 10 computer using Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi sync is convenient and easy to create when file transferring is concerned. Use below steps to sync your IOS and WINDOW.

  1. Launch itunes from start menu.
  2. Connect your IOS device to your computer with your USB cable.
  3. Click the device button.
  4. Scroll down and come to the bottom of the page.
  5. Click the checkbox near sync with iphone over Wi-Fi.
  6. Click music in left side of menu bar.
  7. Click the check box near sync music when the check mark appears you it shows that your devices are now synced. When you don’t want to sync your devices then just uncheck the sync option.
  8. Repeat the same procedure for Movies, Tv shows and photos.
  9. Clicks apply then click sync.

Sync your devices with icloud:

Icloud gives you feature of backup and sync your IOS devices to apple’s server. No iTunes or PC is required for this process and you will get free space. However it is limited to certain extend buy you can pay if you want more space. You can access your file anywhere via the icloud website even if you lose your phone.

  1. Open your web browser from start menu.
  2. Navigate to www.support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204283.
  3. Click on download link and then click save.
  4. Click run once the download is finished.
  5. Accept the terms and condition.
  6. Install and finish the process.
  7. Type your apple ID and password and create if you don’t have the one or want new then sign in.
  8. Click he check box next to icloud drive, and check the options which you want to add.
  9. Now click apply.

Sync your devices through Third-Party software:

Various third party software’s are available to sync your devices. These software’s have fully control on file transferring, some software’s are free to use and other are paid. Use I explorer, xilisoft iphone transfer, sharepod or phone trans pro software tools to transfer your content. These tools allow access all contents including photos, music, messages, contacts, reminders, calendars and much more. And the good thing about this software’s is that you can transfer this data again from Your PC to phones with the same ease.


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