How To Choose LapTops For Your Need

Choosing the best laptops according to our needs can sometimes be a complicated process because before buying a laptop one should keep in mind the plenty of things. Whether you’re looking to play games, watching movies or carry your official work while traveling, you have to choose it wisely, the latest laptops in the market are balancing all your needs equally with taking care of performance. Start your search for the perfect laptop with our overview of the most important features to consider.

Think and answer myriad questions running in your head like is the laptop you are buying is compact? Is it portable? Is it versatile enough to properly? There are hundreds of laptops choices are available in the market ranging from 20000 to 10,0000 in addition to this the kind of work and routine you are going to follow on your laptop is another important thing to consider. Here we have gathered some help for you to choose your piece of magic easily.

We The3Six5 Brought you some of the actionable tech tips to a right laptop.

How To The Right Laptop For Your Needs?

Pick an operating system

Choose a platform which you are looking for is it Mac, Windows or Chrome OS? This is not easy to choose especially if you are not familiar with the operating system you are choosing. You have more choices if you choose Windows, but Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air can also run on windows, which makes the Apple laptop versatile. However the Apple laptops are very expensive so before choosing the one, think about how much you want to spend on a laptop.

Choose according to your budget

Choose what your pocket allow you, notebooks are the smallest and cheapest laptops available in the market. You can use them if your job is related to field work and traveling because these laptops are portable to carry due to its shrinking size and light weight. You can also buy a budget laptop under 30,000 filled with all features, and if you have a couple of hundreds to spend, then you can get 14-inch light weight ultra-thin laptops available in the market.

How do you want to use your laptop

Another thing to consider while buying a laptop is how you want to use it is you buying your laptop for entertainment such as movies and videos? Or are you buying it for official use? Or are you travel a lot? Go for a large screen size of 15 inches with a higher resolution if you are picking it for entertainment if you travel a lot then choosing an easy to carry portable laptop whose battery last for more than 6 hours.
If you are buying your laptop for gaming purpose than choosing an 8GB RAM with a dedicated video graphic card, For the official use you can choose the laptop according to performance with 13-14 inch display, 4GB or more RAM, and 500GB or more hard drive space for better performance.

Read reviews

One you have done with above questions, it time to check what people say about the same laptop. Check gadget review websites to see the most recommended laptops that compare the features which you want in your laptop. Many companies like Dell and HP gives you’re the feature of customizing your laptop, under which can choose your RAM or hard drive according to your need.


Compare laptops

Finally, compare all the laptops according to your need and choose the laptop which has the latest feature yet affordable price. You can also make a spreadsheet with specification, price and then compare your choices of laptops or you can also filter laptops to narrow down the big list of laptops.

Checkout the video below to pick the right laptop,


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