Best Open World Games For Android 2017

Are you looking for the best open world games for android? There are many open world games are available for you. Usually, people are loved to play the games, especially the wild games so0 they are often searching new featured games and best new games.

The open world games are giving the freedom to the players to do as per their requirements like simply killing everyone you hate, missions, side quest, exploration and much more.

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List of open world games for android 2017

  • Minicraft-pocket edition
  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars
  • Crashlands
  • Rope Hero: hell rise
  • Island survival
  • Gangster revenge
  • Horse Adventure and much more

Minicraft-pocket edition

The minicraft-pocket edition is an indie sandbox video based game in the region of structure in a Voxel-based world.  It has survival mode and free play mode. You can play this impressive game without any payment options.  It makes refreshing feel to the players who were playing.  It completes providing the new experience because it has unique features.

Download Minecraft

GTA San Andreas

It is a 3D open-world action adventure game developed from the Rockstar classic. It has all the things from the first world, and it has twisted with the touch screen control.  This game is excited to play and makes you feel fresh and impressive.

Download GTA San Andreas

GTA: Chinatown Wars

it is 3D open world game that has provided for the Nintendo DS. And it is an adapted version of the original.

Download GTA Chinatown Wars


This game has based on the story driven crafting with the toughest fight, and it is similar to the PC game and don’t contain anything else to eat, without the hunger mechanics and quite mindset complimented with stupid funniness.

Download Crashlands

Rope Hero: hell rise

It takes a friend who has been escaped from misery by the side of streets of a modern city. Attack the people and fight against other friends, and followed soul. It has some features like the evil character, unique abilities, and dangerous city and develops your demon.

Download Rope Hero

Island survival

It discovers a cold island completely covered with snow and ice. Chase wild animals to obtain meat and fur and gather resource.  And it has some features like different craft tools, hunt, and fights against the predators, mysterious islands, and construction.

Download Island Survival

Gangster revenge

Closing fight-flash by the side of a big city in a bike or a car. And fight against the criminals and escape from police persons including commit robberies. And it has some features like the broad range of weapons, huge city, dynamic fights and different sorts of vehicles. It is interesting play and exciting to fighting with the criminals.

Download gangster Revenge

Horse adventure

It is a story of etria, ride a horse and rush throughout the excellent locations of a magic area. Complete the tasks and conquer the obstacles. It has some features like a huge world, play with friends, new tasks, different horses and character upgrade. It is most interesting game to play with complete independent mode.

Download Horse Adventure


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