Best Custom ROMs For Android 2017

All the Smartphone’s manufactured with inbuilt memory ROM.  The storage capacity of the ROM on your Smartphone depends on the model and manufacturer design. Some people think that the ROM available not enough for them.

Best Android Custom ROMs

Best Android Custom ROMs

So they search for “STOCK ROM” for their Android phone to install.  The STOCK ROMs will function for a short period, where the better updated version and performance make your mind to change to custom ROM.  The custom ROMs provide significant updates, performance, battery life, fast response, etc. the custom ROMs will be installed on your android devices after rooted your phone correctly.

Best Android Custom ROMs You Should Give A Try 2017

Requirements For Android ROMs

  • Your Android device should be rooted, (learn benefits of rooting android without PC)
  • Need of proper custom ROM.
  • Should be aware the process about the custom ROM.

Here we provide some best performance Android custom ROMs for your rooted phone.


Cyanogenmod ROM

Cyanogenmod ROM is one of the best for supported app for your Android phone. The features available in the CyanogenMod help your device to run faster and good performance. It will get updated whenever a new device introduced. Already some new Android phone has installed this ROM; it works with unique privacy settings, overclocking your CPU and Theme support, etc. But Cyanogen is dead.


Paranoid ROM

Paranoid ROM used as an alternative for Cyanogenmod. This ROM has some unique features compare with other ROMs.  You can edit your toolbar, menu bar, and status bar, etc. this is one of the fastest ROM available for the Android phone.



Xiaomi developed the MIUI ROM. This ROM will support both Android and iOS platform. MIUI ROM has already installed in Xiaomi phones. This ROM is available for various types of devices. This ROM allows you to change a size of the icon, font, etc. You can download Miui ROM here.


Dirty Unicorn

It is similar to the cyanogen’s ROM. The dirty unicorn ROM will help for better battery backup. Also, has inbuilt super SU which will cut off you from root your android device. Dirty Unicorn ROM provides some options like double tap lock, Omniswitch floating toolbar and more.



XenonHD is one of the less weighted ROM used in Android phones. It supports lollipop android OS based ROM. It allows you to change the themes as per your wish. Inbuilt root access and filter notification make this ROM unique. XenonHD doesn’t provide many options for its users.


Omni ROM

The CyanogenMod developers also develop this Omni ROM. The recent update released to support marshmallow Android operating system. Omni ROM has features like DSP manager, OmniJAWS weather service, enhanced DO NOT DISTURB mode and much more. Omni switch is used to switch from one app to another quickly.


Resurrection Remix

Resurrection is known as one of the stable ROM for Android phone. You can get all the updates of this ROM easily. This ROM also supports marshmallow Android system. Using this Resurrection Remix ROM, you can edit lock screen, navigation buttons, animation, etc.

Source – Custom ROM post on Android Crush


Final Words,

There fewer Android ROMS also available on the internet. You get all the details about the Android ROMs from this web page. Using this ROMs has few advantages, they upgrade your device to a new version, also enhance the speed of your phone, few edit options and much more.


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