Benefits of Rooting Android Mobile Phone Without PC

If you are the android mobile phone user and you looking for the reason to root your Android phones. Now there are many advantageous reasons are obtainable only for you. Android phone rooting is the initial step for all the Android. The Android rooting system is providing you to authorization to access anything with your Smartphone.

It offers many options to the Android users with the help of rooting android phone. If you wonder how to root your Android with or without computer? just download & install one click instant root apps like Framaroot, universal Androot & others. Download Framaroot APK, so that you could root your in device in first place.

Benefits of Rooting Android Without Computer / With PC


There are so many advantages are available for you such as

  • Remove bloat ware android apps
  • Run Linux OS in android phone
  • Over clock your Android mobile processor
  • Real backups
  • Install custom ROM
  • Boost any computer Pc from Android

Remove bloat ware android apps

When you are new to the Android phone, your Android phone comes with the number of Android applications.  Most importantly you can’t be able to eliminate the pre-installed Android applications. But you have the perfect choice to remove the unwanted application from your phone that is a rooting system. You can root your android phone then you have access to remove the bloat ware from the Android phone.

After that download and install no bloat Android application from the Google play store for eliminating the large sized applications. Check out some of the open world games for Android.

Run Linux OS on an Android phone

Rooting is the incredible benefits for the Android users because the Android users can run the Linux operating system with the help of virtual machine in Android phone.  It is helpful for pen testing and another plenty of purpose.

Over clock your Android mobile processor

Rooting Android phone process helps to mount your Android mobile speed. The Android mobile users experienced the phone processing speed that is most amusing things to the users, so the rooting system helps to make your device speed and efficient.  You can boost up the speed up to 1.5 GHz.

Real backups

the rooting android phone system has improved the backup and restores option in your mobile.  The cloud can backup some of your android mobile phone settings and also the applications download but not sure that is constant backup configuration.  When you root your Android phone, then your settings are automatically changed, and the rooting system helps to backup your information permanently.

Install custom ROM

Many developers were creating a new custom version of Android ROM because some of the users not like to use the default Android ROM. Android phone users can find many features when they were rooting their Android phone to use the custom ROM. If you are the one to root your phone, then you can install the custom version of reading only memory in your android phone. You can discover the custom ROM in your android phone on XDA forums.

Boost any computer Pc from Android

You can use the driveroid Android application that can switch your rooted Android phone into a bootable live Linux operating system from ISO image files. It can help to boot your computer from Android.  It is one of the amazing benefits for the rooted users.


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